Bulk Cables

We offer high quality bulk audio cables to meet your audio device connection needs. These cables are crafted for exceptional durability and immunity to interference, ensuring your audio signal stays consistent. Whether you’re working in a recording studio, sound system installation or music production, our bulk audio cables will be your choice to provide you with a superior sound experience.

Bulk Microphone Cables

Bulk microphone cable designed for audio recording and stage performance. We offer microphone cables in a variety of sizes (Gauge 26,24,23,22,20) and lengths to ensure your studio or stage wiring runs smoothly. These cables feature high-quality conductorsOxygen Free Copper wire with 99.99% purity), shielding materials, and durable outer jackets to ensure clear sound transmission and reduce interference. Whether you're an audio engineer, music producer or performer, our bulk microphone cables will be your reliable partner in capturing the essence of your sound.