Premade Cables

Connect to the soul of music. Our pre-made audio cables are the first choice among audio professionals and music lovers. They are rigorously tested for superior durability and interference resistance, ensuring your sound is consistent. Whether you're playing on stage, making music in the studio, or listening to music at home, our premade audio cables will deliver unparalleled sound quality to make your music truly come alive.

Microphone Cable

When capturing the essence of music on stage or capturing sonic moments in the studio, you need reliable microphone cables. Our prefabricated microphone cables are carefully designed with high-quality conductors and shielding materials to ensure clear and stable audio signal transmission, variety of gauge to meet different demand. Whether you're a professional singer, speaker or recording engineer, our microphone cables will be your voice's friend and help you perform at your best.

Instrument Cable

As music flows through your fingertips, our pre-made instrument cables will ensure every note is delivered clearly and vividly. Specifically designed to connect guitars, keyboards, basses, and other instruments, these cables feature high-fidelity conductors to ensure complete transmission of audio signals. Whether you're a musician or a music producer, whether clean & bright, solo, vintage etc. sounds you need, our instrument lines will help you get the best out of your music and make it truly move your heart.